Birds Foot Violet- Hoary Puccoon


I recently observed a controlled burn along the Ice Age Trail in the Southern Kettle Moraine. This burn had the beneficial outcome of allowing me to explore an area that I wouldn’t have ventured into otherwise. I had identified this specific area near the Ice Age Trail using Google Maps’ satellite view. While unofficial trails were visible on the satellite imagery, I refrained from exploring them to avoid contributing to any potential impact on the delicate and susceptible environment of this compact area.

Native to Wisconsin, Birds Foot Violets and Hoary Puccoon play a crucial role as pollinators. They flourish in sandy, dry, or rocky areas within wooded regions.

Hoary Puccoon, is a flowering plant native to North America. The plant is known for its distinctive bright orange to yellow flowers, which bloom in clusters. The flowers have a tubular shape with five petals and are attractive to pollinators like bees and butterflies.

The name “hoary” refers to the plant’s grayish or whitish hairs that cover its leaves and stems, giving it a somewhat hoary or frosty appearance. This characteristic contributes to its resilience in dry and sunny environments.


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