Ghost Pipe

  Hiking along the Ice Age Trail Near Whitewater Wisconsin and I came across these Ghost pipes. I had not ever seen them before or more likely, overlooked them. Nestled within serene woodlands and shaded groves lies a botanical treasure that has captured the fascination of both nature enthusiasts and researchers—the Ghost Pipe. This elusive...Continue reading

Revived Fern Fronds

In early May, I strolled through the woods along the Ice Age Trail, with a sense of wonder, on the lookout for wildflowers or anything that might capture my attention. Starting from Olsen Cabin, I meandered along the IAT for a bit before veering towards the John Muir Hiking-Biking Trails. It was there that I...Continue reading

Everywhere A Sign

    Everywhere a sign, here’s mine. I started volunteering with our local chapter of the Ice Age Trail Alliance in 2019. About 6 months before the nasty C word shut everything down. After many years of hiking and camping many different areas, it feels good to help preserve, protect and improve a trail system...

Are The Trails Icy

A recurring inquiry I often receive is, “Are the trails icy?” When it comes to trails in Wisconsin, especially after snowfall, one should anticipate icy conditions. The compacted snow on the paths undergoes a transformation into hardened snowpack, which swiftly transitions into ice. With the continuous cycle of snow, rain, snow, and fluctuating temperatures, it...Continue reading

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