Small White Lady Slippers

It was early evening. I had about 90 minutes of daylight left and a 20 minute drive. I hadn’t been out exploring for days because of the heavy rain and storms. This evening, I wanted to go out, even for a bit before dark. I had a hunch or hope about where to find some...Continue reading

Late August Hiking at Lulu Lake: A Wildflower Wonderland

Late August is a magical time for nature enthusiasts, especially at Lulu Lake, The Nature Conservancy. Surprisingly, this late in the season, the landscape is still adorned with an impressive array of wildflowers. As I hiked along the old railroad bed, I was overwhelmed by the amount of wildflowers still blooming. Late August is a...Continue reading

Cup Plant Leaf

The cup plant is a North American perennial with distinctive cup-shaped leaves and yellow flowers. The leaves grow directly opposite each other so as to create a cup to retain water. Their intriguing texture and shape caught my attention. These were looking amazing at Glacial Park this morning.

Lady Asian Beetle on Yellow Parsnip

The prairie of Glacial Park was teeming with an abundant presence of Lady Asian Beetles. Within this landscape, one could spot the growth of wild parsnip, a plant known to flourish in numerous states, such as Illinois and Wisconsin. However, this species is not native to the region, originating from Europe. When handling wild parsnip,...Continue reading

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars occupy a unique spot among the late Spring wildflowers I cherish in Wisconsin. These enchanting blooms, formerly known as “prairie pointers,” are found in moist meadows, prairies, and open woods. Displaying a captivating range of colors, including reddish, pink, white, and purple, these flowers stand tall at an impressive height of around 18...Continue reading

Winter Leaves- Marcescence

Embarking on a winter hike amidst the chilling grip of a 0-degree Fahrenheit morning, the snow beneath my feet emits a satisfying chorus of crisp crunches and faint squeaks. This season holds a special place in my heart for these short ventures, as the air is filled with the serene rustling of leaves that tenaciously...Continue reading

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