Grandma Gatewood’s Walk- Audio Book Review

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I’m always looking for a good “outdoor adventure” book or audio-book, I have not had much luck lately until I discovered Grandma Gatewood’s Walk on Audible. I really didn’t want to listen or read to another story about the Appalachian Trail but this title kept coming up in my suggestions so I tried it and loved it.

Grandma Gatewood a tenacious 67 year old, early ultralight hiker that helped to promote and improve the Appalachian Trail walked her way into history and lore. The story really builds into telling more about her and her family along with some history and less about the trail but it still found this interesting. Unlike Bill Bryson’s, A Walk In The Woods, she did complete the trail, three times, along with other distance walks.

There are better books out if you are looking for trail details but for a great adventure this book was well done. Her life before the trail, 11 children, abusive husband and much more all make for her story and motivation.

If your looking for a book covering the details of the Appalachian Trail then this probably isn’t for you, there are better but I found this to be very inspiring and interesting.


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