March Beer Of The Month Cashmere Hammer

Each month I review and share a Wisconsin made beer.

Cashmere Hammer

Three Sheeps Brewing- Sheboygan, Wisconsin.


Last november the wife and I made a weekend trip to Green Bay Wisconsin for the weekend. We stopped at Lakefront Brewery for a tour which was fantastic. We also stopped at Three Sheeps Brewing,  tap room in Sheboygan for a couple of beers on the way.

Cashmere Hammer made by Three Sheeps is one of my favorite Stouts and beers of all time. Thick and creamy with a tan head that leaves a little lace around the glass and a mouth feel like a milkshake. The nitrogen carbonation is just right for me, not too much.  I would describe this as a coco coffee milkshake, as long as it’s not served too cold. Available all year in bottles from local liquor stores.

At 6.50 ABV and an IBU of 29 this is a great beer.

Three Sheeps Brewery tap room also had on tap a Bourbon Barrel Cashmere Hammer that I would rate a 6 out of 5. Unfortunately for me, they only sell it there and a local establishment as I remember. 

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